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Nutrition Coaching

How coaching can help you create a healthier diet.

My client-centered approach produces personal solutions that are uniquely relevant to your schedule and lifestyle.  

A nutritional assessment provides insights into your current nutritional status, while a pick & choose diet diagram based on your preferences functions as a healthy foods reference-tool. 

Clarifying questions deepen your understanding of how your thought-patterns, habits, and feelings influence your dietary decisions.

A clearly defined positive goal creates an attractive vision for you to strive towards.

Motivating subgoals bring you closer to your future, healthier self, one appointment at a time.

Self-discovery exercises activate your strengths and resources and help you find enjoyable ways to maintain a healthier diet.


The Process

Here's a six step breakdown of the Time for a Change Coaching process.


Book your first coaching session or free introductory call

Use the Start Now button on my website to book your first coaching session on Calendly. Or use the Free Introductory Call button to book a 15 minute free call. One day before our first appointment, I will email you a reminder with a RED Connect link for our video call. 


Your first coaching session

We'll get to know one another and fill out a nutritional assessment questionnaire together. Based on what you'd like to achieve, we'll define a positive nutrition goal for you. We'll also agree upon a form of nutrition diary, to be completed by the next session. 


In the meantime...

You can send me your nutrition diary either in picture or written form. I'll analyze your nutrition diary to complete your personal nutritional assessment. Then I'll design a customized diet diagram for you with pick & choose suggestions of healthy foods based upon your personal taste, lifestyle, and dietary needs.


Your second coaching session

We'll look at the outcome of your nutritional assessment and discuss the options on your diet diagram. I'll suggest a self-discovery exercise to help you discover your resources and strengths. Building on that exercise, we'll outline one nutrition subgoal, to be completed by your next session. 


Your following coaching session(s)

We'll talk about your subgoal and any changes that may have taken place. If you feel that further coaching is called for to help you reach your nutrition goal, I'll suggest another self-discovery exercise. Then we'll outline a new nutrition subgoal, to be completed by the next session. 


We'll repeat step number 5 together until you feel confident that...


Independence Day can solve your problem and achieve your nutrition goal on your own. We can decide on the best format for staying in touch. In the meantime, enjoy treating yourself and your family to delicious, nutritious meals.

Book your first appointment

Get to Know Me

You'd like to meet me first? No problem! Schedule a free 15 minute introductory call with me. I look forward to meeting you.

“I work physically and was often having very low energy moments where I would find it hard to complete my work. Lisa looked at my diet and was able to suggest a healthy eating plan tailored to my needs that has got me feeling fit and full of energy. "

J. Flynn Carpenter

Still Have Questions?

Finding out more about Nutrition Coaching is a great first step. Of course you might still have questions left to answer. Read through my FAQs using the button below, or get in touch to discuss your ideas and needs.

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