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Lisa Cato

Hi, I’m Lisa. I started Time for a Change Coaching because I’ve always loved working with people. In younger years, it was my interest in developmental psychology and human physiology that led me to complete vocational training as an occupational therapist and an NLP practitioner course. When the opportunity arose to become a flight attendant, I took to the skies with enthusiasm, getting to know the cultures and cuisines of the world.


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A healthier, happier life.

After nearly 15 years working as a flight attendant, I felt that I wanted something more. But what? Trying new things is intimidating... but also exciting. I took advantage of my extra free-time during the Covid Pandemic to learn more about something that I'm passionate about: food. Completing a holistic nutrition course turned out to be a real eye-opener for me. Only then did I become aware of how nutritionally poor my "normal" diet was, and motivated to change how and what I eat without compromising on taste. Changing my diet has taken time, so I know how hard it is to adjust old habits and routines. But it’s worth it. This process, combined with the coaching component of my nutrition course, inspired me to complete a coaching seminar, which, in turn, inspired me to start Time for a Change Coaching.

As a German-American I am fluent in both English and German, and am more than happy to coach in either of these two languages.

My Credentials.

NLP Practitioner

DVNLP Certification as NLP-Practitioner

at Domus Therpiae in Eppelheim by Heidelberg, Germany

Occupational Therapist

Completed Vocational Training for Occupational Therapy

at Domus Therpiae in Eppelheim by Heidelberg, Germany

Holistic Nutrition Coach

Completed 165 Hours of Schooling in Holistic Nutrition Coaching

at Arche Medica in Berlin, Germany

Life Coach

Completed a 133 Hour Seminar on Coaching and Personality Development

at Arche Medica in Berlin, Germany

Time for a Change Coaching

Founded 2023

Get to know me

You love the idea of coaching, but you'd like to meet me first? Schedule a free 15 minute introductory call with me. I look forward to meeting you.

Book a session with me

Do you feel like it's time for a change? Then take the first step and start on your coaching path with me today.

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