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Time for a Change Coaching is all about developing clear future visions. These FAQs will help you see more clearly whether coaching is right for you. 


How long is each appointment?

Each appointment is 60 minutes long.


How many appointments do clients typically book?

Clients typically take 2 to 6 Life Coaching appointments to learn how to solve their problem and achieve their goal. Nutrition Coaching often takes 3 to 6 appointments. How much time a person requires varies depending on personal needs and circumstances. If it takes a little longer, that's ok, too.


Coaching is generally meant to be a short-term intervention. My aim is to support you in discovering the tools that will help you make change happen in your life. You should feel empowered and ultimately capable of achieving your goal on your own by the end of our time together.


How frequent will our appointments be?

How often we meet is up to you and your schedule. I recommend at least a 2 week break between appointments to give yourself enough time to complete the agreed-upon subgoal.


How do I book appointments?

You can book your first coaching session here on my website using any of the Start Now buttons. This button will link you with Calendly, the scheduling tool I use. We will agree on a date and time for your follow-up appointments at the end of each of our online coaching sessions.

What can Time for a Change Coaching offer me that websites and apps cannot?

Online advice, apps, and self-help books are aimed at a wide audience. While they can add value to our lives, Time for a Change Coaching is specifically tailored to yours. Our focus will be on your personality and the particularities of your everyday life. We will talk about your likes and dislikes, what hasn’t worked for you in the past and what has, what limitations your daily schedule imposes on you, how the people in your life might help or hinder you, and many other individual aspects of your life that no app or book can take into consideration.

Good advice and algorithms can be imperfect tools. They over-simplify and generalize. What works for one person doesn’t work for another. What works on average, doesn’t work for the individual. Finding your own, unique ways to solve your problems and achieve your goals, based upon your personality and everyday life, will increase the likelihood that you will not only be able to sustain the change you aspire to, but be happier and healthier in the long run, too.


What is coaching? What is the diffference between coaching and therapy?

Coaching can help healthy people navigate their way through a temporary problem, life crisis, or change. It's a solution-oriented, forward-looking approach that is intended to help people help themselves. In coaching, people tackle the tangible problems and questions that anyone might encounter in the course of a life. Coaching helps maintain positive mental  and physical health.


Therapy, on the other hand, is there for people who are struggling with deeper, more complex, and overarching mental and emotional problems. In therapy, a person's past is analyzed to help them better understand what's going on with them in the present. A therapist can also give recommendations on how to manage the symptoms of that person's mental health illness/trauma. A coach cannot replace a therapist. A coach also cannot replace a nutritionist or a doctor. At the bottom of this page you can find out whether coaching is NOT for you.


Time for a Change Life Coaching is solution-oriented and client-centered. What does that mean?


While it’s important that I understand your problem and its personal significance fully, our attention will mainly be focused on looking towards the future and finding positive, practical solutions by formulating goals and subgoals.


You are the expert on your own life. My role will be to ask questions and suggest exercises that can help you understand yourself and your options more fully. I am here to support you as you find your own unique way towards a solution and goal. It's my firm belief that you have all the answers you need inside of you, and that you are capable of both finding and acting on them, with the help of a little guidance.


What are some specific examples of problems that I can discuss in Coaching?

o   I would like to become more organized. I'm feeling overwhelmed and the organizing strategies that I've tried so far just haven't worked for me.

o   I would like to start packing lunches and cooking healthy dinners, but I can’t seem to find the time.

o   I have a career or relationship decision to make and I’m not sure which path to take. I keep going around in circles.

o   I have a big life change (birth of a child, divorce, a new job or promotion, caring for an elderly parent) coming up and I'd like to prepare myself for it.

o   I would like to stop eating junk food in the evenings. I've never been able to resist for more than a couple of weeks at a time. After a long day, nothing beats a pack of potato chips and a Netflix movie.

o   I would like to find a way to get along better with a colleague at work and relieve the tension between us.

o   I would like to incorporate a work-out routine into my weekly schedule and stick to it.

o   I want to stay as healthy and fit as I can so that I can keep up with my (grand)kids.

o   I want to experience more meaning and fulfillment in my life. I feel restless and discontented, like something is missing. But I'm not sure what.

o   I get really nervous when I fly, and my fear keeps me from traveling as much as I'd like to.

What is RED Connect?

It's important to me to provide a safe space in which you can rest assured that any private information you share stays between us. That's why I use RED Connect as my online video consultation software. Their data servers are located in Germany and strictly adhere to the data protection requirements of Appendix 31b in Germany's Federal Doctors Agreement (BMV-Ä) as well as to more general EU privacy norms. Their software provides high encryption to make sure that our calls remain confidential. RED Connect has been certified by the German National Association of Health Insurance Physicians (KBV-Zertifiziert) and is recommended by them as a video consultation provider.

What are some take-aways I might expect from Time for a Change Coaching?

Clients often experience the following benefits after coaching:

o   I’ve learned more about my personal strengths and the resources in my life. I can think of creative ways of using them to help me solve future problems and achieve other goals.

o   I feel more mindful and confident about the foods I put in my shopping basket.

o   I eat healthier foods and have more energy consistently throughout the day.

o   I don't get hangry anymore.

o   I feel greater self-understanding and self-compassion.

o   I can better accept and overcome personal and circumstantial limitations.

o   I am more cognizant of my personal values, my likes and dislikes.

o   My communication and self-awareness skills have improved.

How do I know if Time for a Change Coaching is NOT for me?

o   You can't define your problem clearly in a few sentences. If you find that your problem is more complex, or you are suffering from trauma or potentially a mental health illness, I recommend that you speak to a therapist. Coaching is not and cannot replace therapy. Here is a link where you can find therapists:

o   You are looking for dietary advice because you have a specific illness such as diabetes, arthritis, or kidney stones and would like to know which foods to eat and which foods to avoid. As a coach, I can help you implement a dietary change. I cannot treat or advise on medical issues or digestive complaints. Here is a link where you can find professionals who can advise  you if you have an illness or digestive issues. 

o   You don't have access to a private, quiet space with an internet connection.

o   You would like a regimented meal plan with recipes.

o   Your main objective is a restrictive diet for rapid weight loss.

o   You are looking for someone who will tell you what you should do.

o   You don't have the time or would not like to work on subgoals between appointments.

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You have more questions?

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