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Nutrition & Life Coaching 

For a healthier, happier you
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Feel healthier and more energized
with Nutrition Coaching.

Food is more than just fuel for your body. We bond over shared meals, find comfort in treats, and hold on to old habits. As a necessary part of our daily routine, just getting the next meal on the table can be a frustrating logistical challenge. Whatever food means to you, changing your diet takes more than simply deciding to eat healthier.

To improve the nutritional quality of what you eat, we will explore what motivates and hinders you when it comes to making healthy choices. By activating your resources through guided self-discovery exercises, you will find that you have more attractive options at your disposal than you realize. 


Time for a Change Nutrition Coaching is not about strict dieting or rapid weight loss. It's about gentle, sustainable behavioral change, working with your strengths, individual lifestyle, and personal preferences towards a healthier diet that you love. 


Find your way forward with        solution-oriented Life Coaching.

We are all on a journey. When you encounter the inevitable bumps on this road we call life, when you feel stuck or overwhelmed, what do you do?


Time for a Change Coaching is here to help you gain perspective and find new paths to the solution of your problem. Through questioning and guided self-discovery exercises, you will tap into your personal values and learn how to engage with what's really important to you. You will activate your resources, bringing to light strengths that you didn’t know you had.


Life is full of forks in the road and unexpected obstacles to overcome. Together, we’ll find a way forward that’s right for you.

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Online & Personal.

From the privacy and                  comfort of your home.

You know best what works for you. It's just that sometimes the noise of everyday life can make it hard for you to hear your inner voice clearly. At other times, routine can discourage fresh ideas, making change seem impossible. During our one-on-one video calls, I will be there to help you filter out the noise and explore authentic options that excite and inspire you.


Throughout our time together, I will listen to your story and ask you clarifying questions. They will help you untangle and deepen your understanding of your habits, thought-patterns, and true feelings. To aid you moving forward, self-discovery exercises will give you new insights into your personal strengths and the resources. 

How often and when we meet online is up to you. You set the pace. This is your journey. 

Find out if Time for a Change Coaching Right for You

Do any one of the following points resonate with you?

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Nutrition Coaching

  • You would like help figuring out how to eat healthier within the framework of your lifestyle and schedule.


  • You would like to eat healthfully without sacrificing deliciousness.

  • You want to make dietary improvements that stick and maintain your health long-term.

  • You find that nutrition apps and magazines don't offer the personalized solutions you need.

  • You're unsure about what dietary information to trust and would like more clarity and insight.

  • You would like to treat your body with more mindfulness and respect.


  • You could use professional encouragement and inspiration as you navigate how to live a healthier life.

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Life Coaching

  • You have a decision to make, but at the moment find yourself going around in circles.

  • You would like support in learning how best to deal with a big change or challenge.

  • You have a fear (such as fear of flying) that you that would like to overcome.​​

  • You would like to find ways to better manage / structure your time.

  • You’ve read self-help books, but feel that talking to a professional could help you further yourself in a more creative, interactive way.

  • You could use professional encouragement and inspiration as you figure out how to solve your problem and reach your goal.

You Are Not Alone

Hi, I'm Lisa Cato.
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Many people feel left to their own devices when it comes to nutrition and life choices, trying their best to figure things out as they go. The challenges that we all face on a daily basis, whether dietary, professional, or personal, can seem daunting and overwhelming, and the goals we want to achieve elusive and out of reach. We often know that something has to change, but not how to make that change happen or last.


I understand because I've been there, too.  


Talking to a qualified, unbiased person can help you lighten your load, find your bearings, and take effective steps towards overcoming challenges and creating the change you desire.  As a trained occupational therapist and NLP Practitioner as well as a certified Nutrition and Life Coach, I can be that person for you. 

Join Me for One of My Classes

Upcoming In-Person Classes and Online Courses

What is Coaching?

Don't worry if the idea of coaching sounds new to you - find peace of mind with my frequently asked questions, or of course get in touch to discuss anything else. 

J. Flynn, Carpenter

“My life looks healthy now. I feel great now that I know what the problems in my diet were and I can address them easily with Lisa’s help. It feels great to be in control of my body. "

D. Abendroth, Doctor

"What impressed me was Lisa Cato's power of comprehension and her exceedingly compassionate style of communicating. Coaching with Time for a Change was worth it. "

Resources for You 

Feel welcome to download these handy guides. I hope you find them useful and valuable.